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Cost Estimator Disclaimer

This Price Estimation (Estimator) is intended to be a resource for you to help inform you and your family about the costs of care provided at Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center . The information provided on the Estimator is just an estimate. The estimated costs are specific to the services you select and may not include ancillary needs required during your care. For example, the estimated cost may not include additional testing, medication or supplies needed during your care. Your actual charges will depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • Patient’s current medical condition
  • Length of stay
  • Length of time spent during the procedure or recovery
  • Unexpected complications or other emergent issues
  • Specific equipment used
  • Type and quantity of supplies and/or medications
  • Additional tests/services required by your physician

The estimated costs may not include any physician charges such as those charged by 3rd-party providers, Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, Pathologists, or Emergency Room Physicians, which may or may not be applicable at Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center or it’s affiliates.

The Estimator also provides insight into the costs with insurance coverage factored in. The use of the Estimator is not a guarantee of insurance coverage, nor the total amount you may owe. If you opt to provide the Estimator with your insurance coverage information, the Estimator will factor in that coverage information to estimate your total amount due. The total amount due after insurance depends on numerous factors such as:

  • Contracted rates
  • Your deductible, and how much you have already met
  • Copays
  • Co-insurance rate

Please contact your insurance provider if you need help understanding your benefits coverage. You can also contact our billing department for more information regarding your estimated costs, insurance coverage, benefits for the uninsured, and additional payment options.

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